1. Witch
    Brattleboro, Vermont
  2. Earthless
  3. Graveyard
    Gothenburg, Sweden
  4. Earthless / Harsh Toke
    San Diego, California
  5. The Skull
    Chicago, Illinois
  6. Ruby The Hatchet
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  7. The Atomic Bitchwax
    New Jersey
  8. The Shrine
    Los Angeles, California
  9. Harsh Toke
    San Diego, California
  10. JOY
    San Diego, California
  11. Worshipper
    Boston, Massachusetts
  12. Mirror Queen
    New York, New York
  13. Death Alley
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
  14. Sacri Monti
    San Diego, California
  15. Comet Control
    Toronto, Ontario


Tee Pee Records Brooklyn, New York

We are a record label, this is our Bandcamp page.

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